It’s that time of year again. The 2019 Preliminary Florida Property Tax Digest has been released. Every August, the county property appraisers throughout the state of Florida, mail their annual “TRIM” notices to all owners of residential, business personal property and commercial property.  If you are a property owner, you may be quite familiar with this notice, which prominently states “DO NOT PAY – THIS IS NOT A BILL.”  “TRIM” stands for “Truth in Millage”, and Florida law requires the taxing authorities to provide owners with notice of the proposed tax assessments before they become a final bill. You have a right to challenge the proposed assessment, but don’t delay—you have a very short window of time to formally challenge the tax assessment (petitions to the Value Adjustment Board (“VAB”) must be filed within 25 days of the TRIM notice).

If you have any doubts as to whether the assessed value on your property is too high, you should immediately contact a Silver Oak Professional who can advise you on the prospects of reducing your tax liability. Don’t wait until TRIM notices arrive, use the provided link above to review the digest.