2019 Florida Preliminary Property Tax Digest

It’s that time of year again. The 2019 Preliminary Florida Property Tax Digest has been released. Every August, the county property appraisers throughout the state of Florida, mail their annual “TRIM” notices to all owners of residential, business personal property and commercial property.  If you are a property owner, you may be quite familiar with [...]

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Business Personal Property Tax Compliance

In most States, returns have been filed for the current tax year listing assets in which the filer of the return has reporting responsibility for the assets in their control. The assets reported are generally based upon the fixed asset schedules of the business. Often, these tax forms are prepared without significant analysis of their [...]

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Myths in Commercial Property Tax

MYTH:   A tenant cannot appeal property taxes. TRUTH: Tenants may have the ability to directly appeal property values in situations where the owner provides written consent or the lease terms allow the tenant to appeal. Property taxes are typically passed through to the tenants, therefore it benefits the tenant to review the annual assessment to determine [...]

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Could your assets be doubled assessed?

If county property tax assessors rely on the cost approach to value and are using Marshall Valuation Service to form their real property assessments, depending on the occupancy code they use, your business personal property could be getting double assessed. Are you certain this is not happening?

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Real Estate Solutions

Property taxes represent the largest operating expense for most owners and managers of investment and corporate real estate. Additionally, the return filing for personal property, tax bill payment processing, tenant tax pro-rations, and management reporting are an on-going administrative burden. To aggressively address these issues, Silver Oak Advisors offers a nationwide network of locally experienced [...]

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