Organizations employ a number of formulas to improve their business operations and get more “bang for their buck”. Effective programs invariably get down to an examination, analysis and improvement of the business processes.

The property tax department has traditionally not been charged with looking inside itself at the efficiency and effectiveness of its internal operations and therefore process improvement has never been high on the property tax function’s agenda. A focused and concerted effort in improving processes within the property tax department can result in both reducing administrative cost and time in performing the requisite property tax function while simultaneously improving quality and reducing risk.

Silver Oak Advisors professionals can review and assist in the re-engineering of your property tax department or you can outsource the function to us. If outsourced to us, we will improve the process, minimize your liability and prepare to bring the function back in-house. Our outsourcing services consists of fixed asset review, timely filing returns, tax estimate budget/accrual, assessment notice review, filing of appeals, tax bill review, approval and either payment of or timely submittal to your A/P department. This process generally takes 3-5 years depending on the size and complexity of your portfolio.