Property taxes represent the largest operating expense for most owners and managers of investment and corporate real estate. Additionally, the return filing for personal property, tax bill payment processing, tenant tax pro-rations, and management reporting are an on-going administrative burden. To aggressively address these issues, Silver Oak Advisors offers a nationwide network of locally experienced tax negotiators to appeal overstated property values. Silver Oak Advisors also offers highly efficient administrative service and technology solutions to provide new levels of visibility, predictability and control throughout all phases of the administrative processes.

State & Local Tax Reduction Opportunities Silver Oak Advisors Examines For Real Estate include, but not limited to:

  • Fair market valuation
  • Fee simple valuation
  • Sale leaseback market value analysis
  • Vacancy and collection loss

  • Zoning restrictions
  • Super-adequacy

  • Environmental issues

  • REIT purchase market value analysis

  • Intangible business value attributed to management

  • Flood plain

  • Neighborhood trends

  • Parking ratios

  • Land and building residual value analysis

  • Lease turnover

  • Equal and uniform appraisal

  • Local market trends

  • Reserves for replacement

  • Capitalization rate analysis

  • Insurance increase impact

  • Utility increase impact

  • Deferred maintenance

  • Building configuration

  • Intangible business value attributed to brand

  • Area crime activity

  • Lease terms

  • Physical condition

  • Lease stratification analysis

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